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By | 20/12/2016

Patna is the capital of the Bihar, it is also a famous city in the India. You are willing to visit in the northern part of India then you should come in Patna city for the celebrate of New year party. Lot’s of Delhi and other big cities people like to visit the Patna for celebrating the new year party bank of Ganga river. In the Patna city lot’s of things and viewing sites for enjoying the first day of the year mean to Happy new year 2017. An occasion of Happy New year 2017 celebration in the Patna on Day of 1st January you can enjoy in Patna city.

Drink wine in Patna on the new year 2017 banned 

hotel in patna , bihar best hotel, bihar hotel , hotel in pat for new, nw year eve patna , patna new year eve party, nay saal patna me hotel, hotel bok naya saal ke liye patna, Never try to buy wine in Patna, wine shop in Patna or wine delivery agent in Patna for the new year party – As State government of Bihar has been banned for it and now having alcohol is the punishable offence. If you wish to have/drink wine then you should plan somewhere else for Patna for the new year evening celebration. In the Bihar state in the march month wine has been banned for always, it is one crime in Patna city and another place of Bihar to drink wine. Expect it you are fond of delicious food and wish to get another kind of services for relaxing of mind then you can come and joy on the time of new year.

Beer bar in Patna – Bar girl in Patna – X service girls in Patna not available 

Here also wish to suggest you that Book hotel in Patna for a new year. Any type of sex racket is the biggest crime. In this party cities, this type of facility is not available as like Delhi GB Road. So Here sex girl in hotel, girl for sex in Patna on new year this kind of search will not will complete. and other things which you require on the day of 31st December in Patna then you should book it before the price hike.


Hotels in Patna for new year eve party – Hotels of Patna for new year celebration hotel

Chanakya Patna new year party – 

Here going to share some of the best hotels in Patna pic, new year celebration party in Patna, Best things of the Patna city, Happy new year 2017 Evening and new year celebration picture images wallpaper for mobile and desktop you can download. New year comes with happiness and joy it is the wish from our site. If you are from the Patna city and wish to share anything about the Patna city then please write us through the comment, space is given below. Once again

happy new year 2017 to you!

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